We Deliver Solutions for Sustainable Urbanization.

Consar LTD is committed to creating a more sustainable future for all of us. We do this by employing the best technical expertise in developing healthy, prosperous environments that improve people's lives and contribute positively towards the environment as well.


At the core of our Construction and Engineering Industry, Consar Ltd envisions delivering more Sustainable Infrastructures across the continent through Social and Environmental Sustainability. Consar Ltd is fully committed to preventing environmental and social harm as well as investing more in natural systems and renewable resources that would have a positive impact on communities we operate on. 

Our Environmental Sustainability activities will focus extensively on reducing the impact Consar has on the environment in the various communities we operate in by  :
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Choosing the right materials
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Recycling where possible
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Reducing Waste
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Creating value for recycled material
In addition, Consar Ltd is the only Ghanaian Company to be working on a LEED Project (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited by the United States Green Building Council, which is the pinnacle in sustainable and environmental friendly construction, a first of its kind in Ghana. 

Our Social Sustainability, Consar Ltd achieves a healthy and productive environment by ensuring the wellbeing of our workforce as well as the individuals in the various communities. We offer flexible working opportunities subsidized transport and training programs. In addition to fair treatment, equality and encourage diversity.  

Health & Safety

Consar Ltd reinforces its commitment to each and every person who joins our team by implementing measures that ensure a healthy and safe environment for our workforce. We seek to create a resilient, purpose driven business by ensuring we are safe guarding our environment within the communities we operate in as well as our workforce. 

Our emphasis is to safeguard and protect our workforce by preventing and minimizing the likelihood of risks throughout the implementation of safe processes and the provision of correct equipment and materials.

Our health & safety policy is to prevent accidents on site and cases of work related ill health. We most certainly provide our employees with excellent quality of the Personal Protective Equipment that ensure safe handling and use of substances on site. 

We provide clear instructions via daily toolbox meetings and information through adequate training to ensure our employees are competent to do their work. We have implemented emergency procedures by ensuring several evacuation spots in cases of fire or other significant cases.